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so Ci Animal Gloves for Deshedding | HandsOn Gloves

#1 ranked & award winning

HandsOn Gloves Grooming
HandsOn Gloves Grooming
HandsOn Gloves Grooming
HandsOn Gloves Grooming Tool Horses Dogs Cats Pets
HandsOn Gloves Grooming
HandsOn Gloves Grooming
HandsOn Gloves Grooming
HandsOn Gloves Grooming
HandsOn Gloves Grooming Tool Horses Dogs Cats Pets
HandsOn Gloves Grooming

HandsOn Gloves

(17 customer reviews)

$24.99 MSRP$29.99

HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary concept that reaches far beyond the traditional curry combs, mitts and shedders on the market today. Wet or dry, they won’t slip or fall off while providing you and your animals with a more thorough and enjoyable bathing and grooming experience.

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The scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms provide a deep thorough clean and are the best de-shedders on the market today. Another added benefit is your animals hair does not stick to the HandsOn Glove; just a simple flick of the wrist and the hair instantly releases so you can go right back to caring for your animal.

The textured surface and flexibility of our gloves allow you to better massage and improve circulation while distributing natural oils and promoting a healthy skin and coat.

Wet or dry, our 5 fingered grooming gloves are unbeatable

The perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms. Your gloves will not slip or fall off even when wet and soapy. Best de-shedder on the market and it simply and easily releases accumulated hair.

Relaxes and helps naturally build a bond with your animals

Massages muscles and stimulates circulation while helping to distribute natural oils for a healthy skin and coat. The gloves tactile touch gently cleans sensitive areas like legs, faces, ears and tight body contours.

Your hands and fingernails stay clean

With its versatile, flexible grip you can easily handle water hoses, shampoo bottles, lead ropes, leashes, or anything else you may need with your gloves on. Manure and other foul-smelling stains are much easier to clean with your HandsOn Gloves.

Most animals will gravitate to you wanting more grooming and petting time

Animals favor the HandsOn touch far better than any other grooming/massage products. HandsOn grooming and petting allow you to connect with your animals on a level far beyond other grooming products.

Compact, easily fits in your pocket, grooming caddy, tote or bag

Lightweight and extremely durable, doesn’t crack, tear or mildew even under heavy grooming and bathing conditions

HandsOn Gloves for horses
HandsOn Gloves for dogs

17 reviews for HandsOn Gloves

  1. Sam

    These gloves do more than just groom. While in the middle of a grooming session earlier, I needed to move a large rubber mat. Without removing my new HondsOn gloves I was able to get a better grasp on the rubber mat and pull it where needed.

    Great grooming aide. I will never buy the old fashion curry comb again. HandsOn makes wash-time much easier also.

  2. Jennifer

    New equestrian grooming company HandsOn Gloves is redefining the way you groom. I’m sure you are thinking, it’s just another grooming glove, right? Wrong! HandsOn has taken an innovative approach and re-imagined the grooming glove developing a high quality product your animals are sure to love. The HandsOn glove is perfect for your horses, dogs, or any animal that would benefit from a little grooming. These gloves are fantastic! These gloves were tried on several horses. I tried them on my own, Taylor and Petey, took them to the USDF Regional Championships trying them on my trainer’s 2 horses in between classes, and they were used on OTTBs at my friend’s rescue, After The Race Thoroughbreds. We were met with the same result — all the horses LOVED the gloves! They loved it so much they would lean into or ask to be groomed in certain spots. Petey’s favorite spots are around his ears and above his eyes. Taylor loved it at the top of his tail. The show horses loved it up and down their mane when we took their braids out. We all are huge fans of these gloves! I loved that I can really get into places and scratch and brush while keeping my hands and fingernails clean. I am a huge fan of these grooming gloves and will be sharing about them with everyone. They are really fantastic.

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    It’s about time! We love these gloves!
    My wife and I have 4 big dogs and 5 horses. These gloves cut our bathing and grooming time in half and the animals love them. Wish we had had these years ago.

  4. Linda Watson

    Received these as a gift for Christmas and tried them out on my horse for the first time today. Love being able to use both hands for continuous flow across his body giving him a well deserved massage and as an added bonus removing any dirt and loose hair. Most importantly my horse loved it. Highly recommend for any horse owner!

  5. D Flannery

    I can’t say enough great things about the HandsOn Gloves! I love them & so do our dogs, 2 cats & horse! They are totally relaxed and enjoying every moment all the while you’re grooming with the gloves.
    My mom got a pair of HandsOn gloves for her beautiful, but constantly shedding, cat for Christmas & my mom is amazed how well they work and how happy her cat is with the gloves. She said her cat tries to get her over to the grooming bench at least 6 times per day & begs her to use the gloves! LOL
    Yes, these HandsOn gloves are that awesome & both the human & the cat love them!!

  6. Marian Buehler

    These gloves are an amazing efficient grooming tool for all animals with hair. They allow you precision grooming with the ability to reach all areas of the dog or horse. They are fabulous for bathing and are sturdy and built to last.

  7. Barbara Summers

    I gave a pair to my trainer for her birthday and she immediately starting grooming her older Irish Setter and the dog virtually melted into her hands, the first time she ever used them on him! She was especially thrilled that she could micromassage the more sensitive parts of his body, his ears, his tummy, while also seeing amazing hair shedding over the rest of his coat. Her dog was in total heaven and a lot less hairy after the brushing.

  8. Jacqueline Hilton

    Cannot say enough good things about these gloves. Worth every penny. My horse stops eating and falls asleep when I groom her with these gloves.

  9. Rango – Amazon Verified Purchaser

    I got these gloves for my kitty cats, and I was absolutely amazed at how much hair the gloves got off them. Summer is approaching, so that excess winter fur is ready to go. I’m recently disabled, and I have a lot of trouble brushing each of my cats because it takes me a lot of time and makes my back and legs really hurt. When the gloves arrived, I put them on and brushed my first cat, and within seconds I had two gloves full of fur. I quickly used one glove to scrape off the fur from both gloves, where I then balled up the fur which made it easy to throw away. I looked down and there was a line of three other cats waiting to be groomed. Kinda looked like a litter of kittens waiting to be fed.

    I can only reach down for a very short while, and within a minute, I managed to groom the other three cats – even under their bellies. I suddenly realized that the gloves hadn’t even been in my house for more than five minutes and four cats were already perfectly groomed and happy as little clams. I’m not kidding, in minutes the cats were fully groomed with these gloves.

    So now, when the gloves come out of the cabinet, the cats go bonkers and will follow me until they’re groomed and won’t leave me alone until the gloves are out of site.

  10. MarissaB – Amazon Verified Purchaser

    My yellow lab just loves the gentle strokes that I use to brush almost every area of his body. With the grain or against the grain, no problem. Up and down the legs or tail, all around the neck, jaw, forehead and chest, the dog just sits with eyes half closed in pleasure. Back and forth over the back gets him dancing with simulated scratching movements. These gloves really feel good to him! Clean up is easy, too. Just rub your gloved hands over a (big) trash can and poof! You’re ready for another go around. And the pleasure isn’t all the dog’s; I get real satisfaction knowing I am brushing him well without ever coming close to hurting him, like I have done with the metal teeth of the Furminator. And for an added bonus: because I do such a good job with these gloves, my yellow lab has less hair to shed in the house. Really.

  11. Nuala Galbari – Amazon Verified Purchaser

    Outstanding product. I ordered the gloves to help me cope with two horses who love bathing in mud. As with other products, I thought they might be helpful, but not as effective as I had hoped; I was certainly wrong in this instance. Three of my co-boarders watched as the caked-in mud and dirt just fell off my horse in less than two minutes. I thought the Thoroughbred might find the strong little rubber nodules too uncomfortable, but he immediately closed his eyes when I massaged, lightly, with this glove. Within a few minutes, he was shining. This is a marvelous product and well worth the price; It really tackles dust and mud in the thick winter coats and massages the oils to the surface, while also giving the muscles good therapy.
    I have a pair in each tack box now — and even my grey, long haired Tennessee Walker looked pristine after a short session with this glove.
    If your equine charges like to roll in deep mud — this is the product for you. When the spring shedding begins, I am sure this glove will be your best friend.

  12. Lee Moser, NC

    Just wanted to drop you a note about purchasing my first pair of your HandsOn grooming gloves. I had seen an ad about your gloves prior to attending Clinton Anderson’s Walkabout Tour in Williamston NC in March of 2019. I was thrilled to find out that he was not only endorsing your product but that you were on site at the Tour. During the first break, I went down to your booth and checked out the gloves. I bought a pair immediately (they were selling like hot cakes, I might add).

    When I got home from the Tour, I ran down to the barn with the gloves and immediately tried them out on my mare. She stands quietly for grooming, but she really seemed to enjoy the gentle massage she got from the textured gloves! The gloves do a great job of helping with shedding, too. The hair does NOT stick to the gloves like it does when using a wire shedding tool.

    I like how easy the gloves are to use and the fact that it gets to the dirt from underneath the horse’s coat is a great benefit. It has been too cold to bathe my horses right now, but I can’t wait to see how the gloves perform during that task.

    LOVE the GLOVES!!

  13. Amazon Verified Purchaser

    I purchased your HandsOn Gloves this past weekend at Equine Affaire in Columbus and wanted to let you know that they are great! I have an Australian shepherd that continually sheds feather-like hair throughout my house. Grooming her can be a chore but with these gloves it is a breeze, needless to say we both love grooming now. Thanks!

  14. Amazon Verified Purchaser

    Have owned and groomed horses for over 40 years and always hated winter hair shedding. Have used a number of different tools but this by far the best yet. Only reason I didn’t give a 10 star rating is 5 that’s all that’s available.

  15. Amazon Verified Purchaser

    Amazed on how well this product works at grooming our fur babies. I have recommended this item to others with pets. It beats paying the expense of having a professional groomer to do the job we can do ourselves. 5-star +

  16. Amazon Verified Purchaser

    I have Psoriatic Arthritis in my hands, making the ability to hold brushes for horses difficult and tiring on the muscles. They are amazing, no curry comb or shedding blade to hold, horses literally close their eyes and groan as you move around their body, as did my lab mix dog. These should be approved by the Arthritis Foundation! THANK YOU!!

  17. Sandra

    I LOVE THESE GLOVES! I have a well trained Thoroughbred that hates to be brushed. You can give him shots, treat painful scratches infections, treat a hoof abcess, etc. But don’t come at him with a brush or a curry. He becomes very aggressive. I have bought so many brushes and Curry Combs, and I have the same bad results.

    With your gloves, he’s a perfect gentleman.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Sincerely, Sandra

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Our tough nitrile, PVC and nylon gloves offer you numerous excellent results as a hypoallergenic designed product including the ability to avoid allergenic reactions some people may experience with common rubber or latex glove products.

There is NO LATEX RUBBER or common rubber used in the manufacture of HandsOn® Gloves!

Some insect repellant liquids or sprays may contain chemicals or substances which deteriorate synthetic product components in all synthetic products produced by many manufacturers, not just our gloves; so, please read the product safety labels for your protection. Our product components generally have high resistance to chemicals, oils and punctures; this is accomplished without compromising elasticity and flexible strength. That’s the foundation of tough and durable HandsOn® Gloves!

Simply hand wash and air dry.

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