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Tips for Helping Your Dog Shed

How to survive dog shedding season!

Usually, the spring and fall mean big-time shedding for dogs. And cats, and horses, for that matter! For some dog breeds, blowing their coat the norm. This is massive amounts of hair, and undercoat, coming free at once. For other breeds, this coat blowing is more subtle. Regardless of your dog’s breed, he will be gradually shedding and re-growing his coat throughout the year.

How to help your dog shed, and maintain a healthy coat all year long!

Keep up with regular grooming at home! There are lots of grooming tools on the market that can help. However, these are tools – and not all dogs appreciate them. It’s also really hard to use metal shedding combs and tools over your dog’s bony and sensitive places. HandsOn Grooming Gloves are designed to be your hands – with a little extra. Their flexible design also allow you to pet and massage your dog as you go!

Make sure your dog has health skin. Lots of hair issues actually stem from the skin. Dryness, skin infections, sores, and even excessive licking can make shedding trickier for your dog. A healthy diet, plenty of water and exercise is a place to start. Your Vet can also help you identify and treat any skin issues that may pop up for your dog.

You can add regular baths into your routine to help your dog shed. The simple act of bathing and smearing all of that lather around will also help remove hair that is ready to come out. Appropriate shampoos also can condition the skin and hair shaft, which keeps everything on track to shed at the appropriate time. It’s totally fine to use your HandsOn Gloves in the bath, too – they work wonders to get the shampoo and conditioner where it needs to go – your dogs skin.

Tips for using HandsOn gloves to help your dog shed!

Work in an area outside where all of that hair can float away. The birds will appreciate it!

If you must groom your dog inside, it’s no problem! You can scoop up the hair from most surfaces using your glove. Save the vacuum for another day.

Use them daily! Over time, you will discover how your dog likes you to use them. Some dogs like to be pet with them, some dogs like you to use circular motions all over the place. Let them tell you what’s best.

Use them in the bath! This makes your shampoo go a lot further.

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