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Spring Has Sprung: Dog Grooming Tips for Spring, Part One

Spring has officially arrived, and along with it comes shedding season. Dogs, particularly those who spend time outdoors, also are prone to skin-borne allergies and itchy hot spots during high allergy season. These irritations can add up quickly for any dog owner, so it’s best to stay on top of your daily grooming grind to keep your pup comfortable.

HandsOn Gloves are a great tool for daily grooming and even for professional groomers. How can you utilize HandsOn Gloves in your everyday routine? No matter if your dog is itchy, sheds a lot, or simply just hates grooming sessions, HandsOn Gloves can be a huge help. Here’s how:

Spring Dog Grooming for the Heavy Shedder

Most breeds of dog shed, even if the internet says otherwise. What many dog owners don’t realize, however, is that different breeds of dogs have different coat types. Therefore, it can be hard to find a “one size fits all” solution for removing excess hair. However, HandsOn Gloves are a great option for all coat types.

HandsOn Gloves provide a close feel, and the added flexibility and articulation of fingers gives you the chance to really get down to the skin. By using HandsOn Gloves in your de-shedding routine, you’ll find that excess hair is removed easily while stimulating healthy hair growth and shine by massaging the skin.

Another important thing to remember is that every dog’s coat has a shedding cycle. Professional dog groomer Hope Carlin elaborated on this subject.

“Every dog goes through a hair cycle, which can vary in length of time from one dog to another, that includes a growth phase, a resting phase, and the exogen stage which is when the hair starts to shed,” she says.

Itchy Skin? How to Make Your Dog More Comfortable

Skin gets itchy, especially if it’s improperly cared for. Things like dander, extra winter hair, and dryness can lead to itchiness and hot spots that make dogs uncomfortable. By using HandsOn Gloves in your daily routine, you’ll naturally encourage healthy skin and hair growth while the gloves stimulate the spread of natural oils on the skin. Use of the gloves stimulates the spread of natural oils (known as seban) from the skin all the way through the coat.

And allergies can be the culprit for a variety of symptoms. Hope also points out how some allergens may not be detectable at first, but they are plentiful.

“Allergies are definitely a concern,” she said. “I come across a lot of dogs who lick or chew their paws raw from skin allergies, often to grass or other weeds that are starting to pop up in their yards or dog parks. One huge thing that people often forget or don’t know about, which is more common in late summer or fall, but can become an issue again as snow melts and the remainder pops through, is grass seeds. Grass seeds are absolutely awful and can wreak havoc on your dog. These are most often found between the paw pads, in the webbing of the toes, or in ears. They are a small seed that can latch onto the skin with a tiny barb and then with movement from the dog work their way into the skin and cause infections and abscesses. The most common one I find is called a foxtail.”

Regular checks of the skin and in between the toes can make a big difference for your dog’s level of comfort, especially during itchy spring allergy season.

In addition, make sure that you’re bathing your dog regularly for the best results. Working through mud, dirt, dust, or other unmentionables your dog may find outside can be difficult. HandsOn Gloves also work well for bath time!

Looking for more spring dog grooming tips? Stay tuned for part two of this series, coming next week!

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