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How To Safely Decorate The Barn For The Holidays!

It’s always nice to share a little holiday spirit, and since we spend so much time at the barn, why not decorate that, too? A few things to be aware of, and then go nuts with the decorations!

Use lights in a smart manner. The newer, and more expensive, LED lights don’t heat up. There’s really no point in stringing regular holiday lights, as the dust, hay, and wood in the barn will just act as kindling. 

Be aware of extension cords, as well. These can heat up, cause a trip for horse or human, and also become an excellent treat for pests and rodents to munch on and cause damage, or worse, a fire. Overloaded circuits are a recipe for disaster.

Know that mistletoe and holly, while festive and lovely, are toxic to horses, dogs, and cats! If you crave that look, go for artificial versions of these holiday favorites. Poinsettia are mildly toxic as well.

Tinsel and garlands are lovely as well, but make sure your barn cats aren’t tempted to “hunt” these, then run down the aisle being followed by a long string of holiday spirit. When eaten by a curious horse, it might lead to a blockage.

It’s also a great idea to keep all decorations away from the reach of horses – which is quite longer than you might imagine if a horse is really determined to chew on a wreath. If your barn uses dutch doors or stall guards, keep decorations far away, or just supervise when your horse can look around.

Some excellent options for decorating barns include wreaths on the barn doors, outside lights, and even sleigh bells. Most barn dwellers like horses, the cats, and the barn dogs won’t fancy a bell as a snack.

Stick to the artificial plants, so you can avoid poisoning your pets and you have the benefit of re-using them! Additionally, any artificial pine will be better as it won’t drip sap everywhere!

Place your holiday decorations smartly so that no horse ends up with a new and festive toy.

Enjoy decorating the barn, and happy holidays from all of us at HandsOn Gloves!

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