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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Four-Legged Friends!

This holiday season, keep your festivities and decorations safe around your pets!  It’s more than just keeping your dog from knocking over the tree, it’s keeping your dog from eating and playing with things he shouldn’t!

How to make the holidays safe around your pets!

The best place for your holiday tree is a corner. 

This limits how many angles your pet can attack from.  Anchoring the top of the tree to the corner will help to keep it upright in the event of a curious creature climbing the branches.  Find ways to keep your pets out of any water at the base of your tree, as fertilizers or chemical residues can taint the water.  Promptly clean up any pine needles, as well, as these can irritate your pet’s digestive system. 

Decorations are so tempting for pets to play with!  And eat! 

Keep the lights, ornaments, tinsel, and ribbons away from pets.  This might mean that you are only hanging pretty holiday trinkets and lights on the upper branches of your tree.  You could also get creative and put a decorative fence around your tree, or even hang it from the ceiling.

There are a lot of holiday plants that are dangerous to pets as well. 

Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, and lilies all pose a threat.  Holly, when eaten by curious pets, causes vomiting and diarrhea and general gastrointestinal problems.  Mistletoe can either be mildly bad, or horribly bad.  American mistletoe is somewhat toxic, but European mistletoe is highly toxic.  Poinsettias are rarely poisonous, but why risk your pet having an irritation.  Lilies are truly dangerous to cats, and can cause severe kidney failure. Most dogs will only have a little bit of an upset stomach when lilies are eaten.

When it comes to all of the lush holiday food, keep your pets on their regular diets!

Bones are dangerous, as is chocolate, xylitol, and fatty foods or meats.   Also, keep the doughs and alcohol away from your pets.

Fireworks are sometimes part of the holiday season, so keep your pet safe!

Let them stay in a safe area of your home, making sure it’s escape-proof.  Provide a bit of music to cover noises if your pet is ok with that.  You can also use specialty shirts and blankets for your pups if the fireworks startle your pet.

Follow these tips for a happy holiday season with your pet.  Be sure to keep your Vet informed if you suspect your pet has gotten into something they shouldn’t! Concentrate your time on filling their stocking with pet friendly treats and grooming supplies – like the famous and wonderful HandsOn Gloves!

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