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Dog bathing hacks – Dog bathing tips to make everything easy!

The best dog baths start with the best prep. Having all of your bathing tools handy, as well as grooming your dog before you begin makes for the easiest and less stressful bath for your dog.

Get set up before a bath.

Find a bath rug, towel, or non-slip tub liner for your dog to stand on while being bathed. Giving him security under foot makes for a happier dog when getting a bath. If you are bathing your dog outside, make sure he’s standing on a surface with a little grip.

If your dog sheds a lot in the bath, you can use a drain mushroom or drain filter to catch all of the hair as you bathe.

Use an appropriate shampoo. If your dog has skin issues like allergies or is very sensitive, your Vet can steer you to the best shampoo for your pup. Otherwise, stick to shampoos and conditioners made for dogs, so you know they are balanced correctly for dogs.

Groom your dog before you begin! This is a great idea for a few reasons. Your dog will relax, get a massage, and a lot of loose hair will come out. This makes bathing easier for you and less stressful for your dog. Grooming gloves are best, as you can easily shake out any collected hairs. Grooming gloves can also get wet and help with bathing.

If your dog usually wiggles and gets bubbles and water in his eyes and ears, you can ask your Vet for help on this. A Vet suggested ointment for eyes can protect against wayward shampoo bubbles. You may also want to use cotton in your dog’s outer ear to guard against water. Your Vet can also give you ear cleaner if you suspect suds and water are getting into his ears.

Have plenty of towels on hand! If you need to squash a shake to avoid getting shampoo flung all over the place, drape a towel over your dog after shampooing and before rinsing. Or just embraced the bubbles!

You may also want to put a little warm water in the tub before your dog hops in to lessen any stress over the faucet.

Get going on your dog’s bath!

Start with getting your dog wet. Avoid his face and ears to keep him comfortable. Using warm water is the best idea, not too cold and not too hot.

Your most efficient way to suds up your dog is with your grooming gloves. You can place a dollop of shampoo right in the palm of your hand, and start to massage your dog. The grooming gloves will evenly distribute the shampoo, and continue to work out loose hair.

When you are ready to shampoo, start around your dog’s neck. Leaving a sudsy necklace for your dog means that any fleas that try and escape the bath by running up will jump right into suds. Not so lucky for the fleas!

Carry on with the rest of your dog!

After rinsing, you can dry your dog a few different ways. Towels are great, and so is letting your dog shake it out to get most of the water away. Blow dryers should only be used on the cool setting, and only if your dog isn’t afraid. Professional dog dryers are also an option, these serve to use the air in the room as a blow dryer.

How often are you bathing your dog?

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