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Cold Weather Tips for Dog Owners

It’s beginning to look a lot like cold weather! Keep your beloved pets protected from the cold and wet this fall and winter with these tips:

  • Keep your dog comfortable with a nice place to sleep. Your dog’s bed should be soft, well ventilated, and elevated off the ground if outside.  Shelter is also key if your pet is outside.  
  • Your pets weight and overall health also play a part in how your dog stays safe in the cold.  Your Vet can help you determine if your dog needs some extra calories or exercise in the winter.  There should always be fresh water available without any risk of freezing.  
  • What does your car have to do with pets in winter? Dogs and cats love the taste of anti-freeze, and unfortunately it’s quite dangerous to animals.  Ethylene glycol is the ingredient to look out for, and seek prompt veterinary attention if you suspect that your buddy has ingested anti-freeze.
  • Protecting their feet is really important, especially as sidewalks and streets get dusted with sand, salts, and slush.  When your pet is exposed to salts, their feet need to be cleaned and dried.  The safest thing to do is rinse your dog’s paws and legs or anything else that got salty, like his belly, and dry.  Do this with warm water and inside!  
  • You will also want to pick out any snowballs.  This is partly to help your flooring, but also to help your pup!
  • If your dog gets dry skin and dandruff in the winter, you may want to skip the baths.  Alternatively, you can have your vet suggest some soothing and moisturizing shampoo to try.  You can also step up your grooming glove game during the winter.  This not only feels great, but it helps your dog’s natural skin oils do their job.  
  • You might also consider dressing up your dog!  There are countless coats, sweaters, and even rain slickers that your dog can wear to fend off cold weather.  Protecting his paws can also be done with boots or special socks.  

Caring for your dog in winter and cold weather is best with daily care, exercise, good food, fresh water, and lots of grooming.

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