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The Benefits of Grooming Your Horse After Exercise

A horse that uses a horse curry brush.Groom after your horse exercises!

Most of us diligently groom our horses before we tack up and ride. After a ride is a particularly nice time to do this, for several reasons!

You horse might like a post exercise massage. Who wouldn’t?

You will be able to notice any cuts or nicks on your horse’s legs that he may have picked up while being ridden.

You might also find some sores or rubs from your horse’s tack.

You have another chance to stir up some loose hair to keep his coat tidy!

You will me bringing up more natural oils from his skin, helping to bring out that shine!

The footing or arena dust needs to come off.

You can check your horse for sore muscles after his exercise.

Many horses get a little itchy from the tack, this is a nice way to take care of that for your horse.

His body will need to come back to a normal temperature – in the summer he might need to cool off with a shower, in the winter he might need to wear a cooler for a bit.

It’s one more chance to bond with your horse.

It’s just plain good horsemanship!

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