Month: March 2020

How can I help prevent my cat from getting hairballs?

There are lots of things you can do your cat that gets hairballs. You can help the inside of his body, and the outside of his body.

Hairballs are an unfortunate side effect for cats. They happen when you cat eats his hair during the grooming process. Some of the time, it’s not such a huge deal – your cat will like vomit any collections of hair up, or pass them in his stool. Unfortunately, hairballs can create havoc for your cat’s health. You might find that your cat is sluggish or lethargic, or he spends his time trying to cough or vomit up a hairball. Weight loss and disruption to his normal bowel movements are also possible. You may find that you cat is constipated, or he has diarrhea, or he’s a bit bloated. Some severe cases may require surgery, so call your Vet first if you think you cat is even a little bit out of sorts.

How you can help prevent hairballs from disrupting your cat’s health:

  • Hairball gels can work to lubricate you cat’s digestive tract.
  • Some remedies suggest using butter or oils, check with your Vet first about this. Some products in your kitchen might cause more problems than a hairball!
  • Feed your cat a high fiber diet. This helps his digestive system pass things along.
  • Use hairball treats as a diet supplement. You can find psyllium seed supplements that often help with digestion, and come in treat form.
  • Grow a garden of catnip or cat grass for your cat to nibble on.
  • Keep up with good grooming habits. Many cats don’t like metal brushes and combs, so HandsOn Grooming gloves are a great way to pet your cat as you help him grooms. How to introduce grooming gloves to your cat:
  • Let you can become familiar with your grooming gloves by letting him smell them.
  • Most cats like to be stroked and pet in certain areas, remember that when you are using the gloves.
  • Use the gloves as an extension of your hand, and simply pet your cat while wearing the gloves. -If your amazing new grooming gloves are brand new, your cat will become more comfortable with them as they start to smell like him and not a pair of new gloves. -Don’t force your cat to be groomed. We all know that cats make the rules anyway! -When your gloves start to become a bit hairy, simply shake your hands and the hair falls away.
  • If you are grooming inside, you can also wear your gloves to scoop up any loose hair that falls to the floor.

As a bonus, daily grooming creates a bond with your cat, as well as helping him be shiny and happy.

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