Month: February 2020

How Does Grooming Your Horse Help His Skin and Coat?

While it seems like grooming your horse is an exercise in futility as they just prefer to be dirty, grooming is great for his skin and coat!

How grooming helps your horse’s body:

  • The simple act of moving your grooming gloves over your horse creates a massage like feeling.  Some horses will even lean into this feeling, others may wiggle their noses, and some may even move their bodies so that you know the exact spot that needs attention.  This all helps to bring blood flow to his skin and muscles.
  • You can also discover areas of possible soreness when you are grooming your horse.  Or you may find a new itchy spot that needs to be looked at.  Or you find patches of loose hair or other skin condition.  It’s not just about grooming, it’s also about your horse’s body and what it feels like to him.

How grooming helps your horse’s skin:

One of the functions of your horse’s skin is his immune system!  There are glands in your horse’s skin.  Some produce sweat, which can dry out and create dullness in his coat.  Other glands produce sebum, which is his natural shine maker.  Sebum also serves as an anti-bacterial agent to help your horse ward off skin infections.  You may also know sebum by it’s name of “natural oils”.

Dry and old skin is called dander, and is released by your horse’s skin over time.  It’s replaced by fresh skin cells underneath.  Dander is sometimes visible to the naked eye as big flakes, but mostly it’s dusty and small.  Too much dander created a breeding ground for skin issues, and makes your horse’s coat dull.

Your horse and his sleeping, rolling, and sweating routine also creates a build up of gunk that can accumulate on his coat and hair.  Aside from making your horse look dull and dry, you don’t want to tack up and have his saddle rubbing all of that grit against his skin.  Grooming gloves are the solution to getting rid of this – even with a longer winter coat!

How grooming helps your horse’s hair coat:

  • A shiny horse is a sight to behold, and it only happens with a good diet and a healthy grooming routine.  Once you get the dirt up and removed, you have a clean horse.
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