Month: January 2020

Groom Your Horse Like A Pro!

Top level horse grooms have some simple secrets that you can easily duplicate on your own horse.  There’s no magic to be had here, just good grooming habits and simple tools.  Daily grooming is the key here!

How to keep your horse shiny and healthy!

Use clean grooming tools!  Dirty brushes just don’t get your horse clean.  Weekly cleanings are probably just fine for your grooming tools, but if your horse is especially muddy, clean your tools more often.  HandsOn Grooming gloves can easily be washed with gentle soap and water, and you can even toss them into the laundry, but not the dryer.

Keep your horse on a healthy and balanced diet.  This, combined with your horse’s genetics, creates that healthy bloom.  An Equine Nutritionist and your Veterinarian can help you come up with the best plan for your horse.  High quality feeds and hay, with fresh pasture if it’s safe for your horse, is a great place to start. 

Let you horse be a horse!  The dirty horse that rolls and plays and enjoys himself will be healthier and happier.  And, all of that dirt and dust helps him fight flies and loosens hair that is ready to shed. 

Bathe your horse when needed, but not too frequently.  Your horse’s own skin makes that shiny oil, and frequent shampooing will strip that protection away.  Your horse’s own shine will also help repel stains!

Make elbow grease the number one grooming tool that you use.  When you use HandsOn Grooming Gloves, you have just doubled the tools that you have, which means you can double the elbow grease! Using your hands to groom your horse brings up the dirt, massages your horse’s muscles, helps to spread his natural oils around, and makes grooming quite a treat. 

Use sprays and conditioners as needed to soften your horse’s coat and help with that shine.  Grooming sprays can help keep manes and tails untangled, help to repel stains, and make brushing easier. 

You may also want to clip your horse.  Clipped lower legs, which are common on show horses, keep white bright and are easy to clean.  Clipped horses in the winter are also easier to clean, as well as regulate their sweat.  It’s not for every horse, but might help yours! 

Notice where your horse likes to be scratched. New itchy places may indicate the beginnings of a skin issues, as does hair loss or sensitivity when being groomed. 

If you use blankets, make sure the undersides of them stay clean!  Daily care to keep your horse’s blankets clean go a long way to keeping your horse clean.  

If you are prepping for a horse show, bathe the day before or two days before and double up on the curry combing. You can absolutely use HandsOn Grooming Gloves in the wash rack.  They are perfectly wonderful to use to lather up your horse.  

If shampoo has made your horse a bit dull, the extra curry combing and elbow grease can bring back the shine before your horse. 

Cornstarch or baby powder on white legs is another show ring secret to making your horse shine in the ring. 

Keep using HandsOn Gloves through all seasons to keep your horse beautifully groomed and happy! 

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