Month: September 2019

How to Simplify Your Horse’s Grooming Routine and Grooming Kit

Time!  It’s what we want more of.  To groom, to ride, to relax. One way to create more time for your horse is to streamline your grooming routine and your grooming tools. 

For horses, their sensitive nature indicates often means that we need a bunch of tools.  Different brushes and curry combs for the body, the legs, the face, the neck, and even under the tail.  This is ridiculous!  

Curry combs come in hundreds of sizes, shapes, materials, and flexibility.  Which means that you often have to switch between a bitter and harder curry comb for the body, or a softer and more flexible version for your horse’s legs and face. 

So switch to a grooming glove!  Your own hands determine the pressure, location, and sensations that your horse gets to enjoy. 

Now you can ditch those curry combs and streamline your horse’s grooming kit. 

You can do the same thing in the wash rack – get rid of all of the sponges and mitts, your grooming gloves work equally well wet as dry. 

The best way to use your grooming gloves while bathing your horse, or dog, is to just pour your dollop of shampoo onto your glove, and then start to massage your horse, or dog.  If you find that you need a bit more water to get the lather going, your gloves won’t hamper you.  Our grooming gloves are designed to allow you to turn the faucet, operate a hose nozzle, and open and close shampoo bottles.  Easy peasy. 

When you make the switch to grooming gloves, you will save time. You will also save space in your grooming box! 

Here are some more tips to making sure your horse grooming routine is streamlined and easy. 

  • Do things in the same order, every single time.  When it becomes habit, you save time. 
  • Keep your grooming tools clean.  You’ll be able to have a cleaner horse with clean tools. 
  • Groom your horse daily.  When you use grooming gloves, the daily grooming allows your horse’s natural shine to come through, and your horse will be easier to clean.
  • Keep your horse’s stall clean!  This means less rolling around in muck. 
  • Use your grooming gloves!  Two hands is much better, and easier, than one.  
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